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Charly Silva was born in Colombia. There he developed as an entrepreneur in the Metal mechanic sector, creating metal architecture structures and projects.

After studying Mechanical Engineering (Universidad de America, Bogota, Colombia), he always developed work pieces where the main element is metal and which can be applied in architecture or engineering.

Self taught in art and photography, along with his sensitivity for the plastic arts, his experience has led him to integrate the metal as the main element in his artistic creations.

The creations that Charly has to offer carry his unique personal style, in addition to pop art influences. They fall into the metal pop art category and highlight cultural features, abstract expressionism, large proportions, asymmetry, and great aesthetic value.

He is always following and taking influences from contemporary artists and showing his admiration for great artists.




  • Assembling
  • Welding Bronze
  • Welding Aluminum
  • Welding other metals
  • Metal Finishing
  • Fabrication
  • Architectural solutions
  • Metal structures
  • Custom metal sculptures
  • Custom signs
  • Metal wall art
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